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Column I

Column I

Wire Sculpture

  • Details

    This lightweight standing sculpture is made of black annealed steel wire.

    Shaped & welded by hand.

    Approximated Size: 23" H x 5" W x 5" D 

  • Inspiration

    Influenced by innovative sculptors working with this same medium, like Alexander Calder and Ruth Asawa, I strive to create unusual yet elegant forms. Intriguing viewers with a false impression of looking at two-dimensional drawings, the structure changes appearance as the observer moves around the structure and challenges the mind as to what it is really viewing. 

  • About this series

    Columns usually have a very masculine feel with their grandiosity and strong vertical lines. The columns I create have a feminine appeal. Their elegant curves and their delicacy call for a more subtle sense of forms. They still have a symmetric appearance but their order is broken by slight and discrete disorder. Gracious and weightless, these column’s outlines dare to be different. Loosing the stability usually associated with architectural columns, they fearlessly stretch to the sky and tend to a future we cannot fathom.

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