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My studio is a place where I can think big
and make my wildest dreams come to life.

Photo by Rennie Brown

Claudine Gévry is a visual artist based in Vancouver, Canada.  She spent most of her life immersed in Montréal's rich artistic and cultural diversity. It was there that she studied Fine Arts at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal and Graphic Design at the Université du Québec à Montréal, both institutions known for their eclectic and bohemian artistic tendencies.
Claudine's art is abstract and whimsical, nature being her primary guide. She is deeply influenced by her surroundings and her work is a reflection of impressions that the environment instills upon her.
Juggling between painting, sculpture and illustration, her most recent endeavor brought her to create illuminated sculptures. Umbra & Lux was born in early 2019 when she partnered with someone passionate about using the latest technologies to help her achieve her vision. They were recently commissioned to make a sculptural light installation at the UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Building. Hundreds of upcycled medical bottles & LEDs were assembled into a permanent cloud shaped hanging sculpture.
Claudine won numerous prizes as an illustrator and as a painter. She looks forward to working with new mediums and challenge herself to create innovative kinetic art.

Member of the Sculptors' Society of BC, the Eastside Culture Crawl & The Cloud Appreciation Society (UK).

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